Ardori brand identity designArdori brand identity design
01 / 06
Chosen Ardori brand identity design.

The Client

Ardori is a new creative media agency producing high end corporate videos, product and set photography, CGI, and VFX.

Ardori is the plural of Ardore. This is Italian, but translates in to English as ardour. With synonyms like devotion, eagerness, enthusiasm, and fervor, Ardor is a more sophisticated way of saying "passion." This passion is the reason that Ardori was formed and infiltrates every job that the agency undertakes.

To reflect the company’s name, the client specifically requested that the colour palette be “inspiring, fiery, passionate and warm. Think reds / oranges / yellows”. Besides this, Avenue were presented with a relatively open brief and a challenge to create something modern, something different, and something that would live in the memory of Ardori’s potential clients.

Ardori logo conceptsArdori logo concepts
02 / 06
Initial Ardori logo concepts.

The Logo

Following extensive brainstorming and sketching, we presented the client with four logo options (shown left). As always, we were prepared to revisit certain ideas, make alterations or combine individual route’s characterstics. However, in this case we managed to hit the nail on the head in round one.

The logo (bottom-right) was chosen instantly and approved with no changes.

Rather than trying to integrate a pictogram or symbolic image of photography/ video production into the logo, we decided to focus on the passion and fiery attitude of Ardori. A pictogram may have felt a little gimmicky. Instead we chose to reflect the modernity of a company that utilises the very latest technology available. The dynamism and edgy side of Ardori is expressed in the logo’s sharp edges and seemingly random, fluid form. The fiery passion is showcased in the mark’s colours. The typography was drawn up from scratch and is completely unique to Ardori.

Ardori business stationery designArdori business stationery design
03 / 06
Avenue went on to roll out the new identity across business stationery.

Ardori Website Design - HomeArdori Website Design - Home
04 / 06
Avenue were asked to design a visually engaging, journal style website.

The Website

Ardori wanted an up-dateable website with a magazine style appearance. The challenge was to think up a design that would be both aesthetically appealing as well as functional and current.

The client wanted a website which could act as a sort of journal. The design had to encompass the need for a large amount of multi-media content and present it in a manageable way. It is to act as a fresh resource for clients and individuals to enjoy. No spiel or marketing speak. A content rich website that retains visitors longer than the average site, and brings them back time and again.

The website is currently under construction and will go live soon at

Avenue's design for the Ardori home page.Avenue's design for the Ardori home page.
05 / 06
Avenue's design for the Ardori home page.

Ardori website interchangeable navigation design.Ardori website interchangeable navigation design.
06 / 06
Ardori website interchangeable navigation design.