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With the emergence of the internet and digital communication, many in the media industry have feared for the future of print. However, the printed ad still accounts for more than a third of worldwide advertising revenues, and there’s no doubt that the public appreciate the tactile distinction of a quality piece of print. 

Although companies increasingly need to consider their online presence, it is crucial not to ignore the value of printed marketing. In many circumstances it is a good idea to produce printed literature to support an online existence and legitimise a business or service. Printed brochures, product guides, leaflets, books, business stationery, annual reports, editorial spreads, point of sale, packaging, and exhibition stands will always be a necessity for some organisations, and require as much design scrutiny as their online counterparts.

Avenue have a sophisticated knowledge of graphic design for print. Typographical hierarchy and layout are our speciality. We ponder every characteristic of a printed object. Paper stock, weight, colours, binding, folds, ink, scale, and finish are all carefully explored before artworking a design that lasts and is held in the hands of your customer.

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Latest Print /01

Octavia Foundation

BluePrint Ceramics

Your Credit Union

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Spear's Magazine Art Direction

Octavia Housing Annual Report Design

Maple Leaf Golf Course Branding

Latest Print /03

Octavia Hill Centenary Campaign

Spear's Magazine design & art direction

Lemon Press Promotional Brochure

Latest Print /04

Custom Fonts

Playgolf Marketing Collateral

Octavia SRoI Report Design